Great Team, excellent Guide, owner and Driver

We give this travel team, Our Guide, Our driver, and the entire experience they gave us the highest possible rating. They went above and beyond from start to finish and offered us an incredible experience while in Nepal. Everything was crystal clear from start to end and with constant communication both through email any questions, concerns we had were quickly responded to. The recommendations hotels were all excellent. Our Female Guide and driver will be our friend even after we left. She/He was personable, kind, warm, engaging, always available, and respectful. Honestly, we couldn't ask for a better situation.

If you are looking for female guide or company organizing tour for female, family and ealderly people to handle everything from start to finish and offer you the most private Tour experience with zero issues, this Female team is the to use. Thank you, Female Tour Guide Nepal. We'll never forget this trip. Highly recommend female tour guides Nepal.

Koon K , Singapore

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