Top 7 Tourist Places to Visit in Nepal


Immerse yourself in a world of magnificent temples and the hectic hustle and bustle or let traditional sounds carry you into unknown expanses. Experience pure culture in Nepal’s most beautiful cities and Top 7 Tourist Places to Visit in Nepal. Our local experts have summarized the most beautiful cities in Nepal for you! touristic

Are you curious about Nepal’s cities?


You definitely have to see Nepal’s capital! The city has a unique atmosphere and differs significantly from European cities.

The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu is one of the places that you cannot miss if you travel to this mountainous country. This peculiar city still preserves a historic center impregnated with medieval aromas. Do not hesitate and walk through its streets to find, scattered around them, authentic treasures.

Travel around Asan Tole, the main street in the city’s commercial area and once the starting point of the route to Tibet. When you walk through it and its surroundings you will be able to feel, listen and feel all the traditional essence of the country.

One of the key points of the most famous city in Nepal, Kathmandu, is Durbar Square , a palatial complex that houses various temples with more than ten centuries of history. The precious value of all these monuments has managed to classify this square as a World Heritage Site by Unesco. All the buildings that inhabit this place, whose walls have exquisite carved details, are clear examples of traditional Newar architecture (indigenous population of the Kathmandu valley).

The Kumari Ghar Temple , of the aforementioned Newar style, is undoubtedly one of the buildings that will most captivate you in this place. Its interior houses a living goddess, from which the enclosure receives its name. According to the Nepalese tradition, the goddess Taleju is reincarnated in the body of a girl who is selected after passing various tests. From then on she is called Kumari and treated with all the luxuries of a deity until she reaches puberty. Then the process restarts and she is replaced by another girl.

Another point of interest in the city is the Royal Palace . Located across from Durbar Square, it was the home of the Nepalese kings until the 19th century. You can visit its interior, touring its beautiful rooms that still keep the secrets of the royal families that lived in this place.

But Kathmandu, Nepal does not shine only for Durbar Square. The Swayambhunath stupa , known more colloquially as the ‘monkey temple’, is another must-see in the city.

This enclosure receives its nickname from these animals that inhabit it and is considered one of the most important places of prayer in the capital of Nepal, Kathmandu. This stupa, which is decorated with the penetrating gaze of the Buddha, is also home to various temples, as well as a Tibetan monastery, a museum and a library.

  • Experience Buddhism in the religious site of Swayambhunath
  • Admire the bright macaque monkeys
  • Let yourself be driven around in a rickshaw
  • The shops and street vendors invite you to stroll and buy souvenirs

Dont’t miss out to visit:  Bouddhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Kathmandu Durbar Square, Swyambhunath Stupa, Boudhanath Stupa, Thamel.



In Patan you will find a beautiful Royal Palace and several Buddhist and Hindu temples

Dare to discover one of the oldest Buddhist cities in the world: Patan, Nepal . A few kilometers from Kathmandu you will find this beautiful city, nicknamed “the city of golden roofs”. In its streets, squares and monuments you can find the most spiritual essence of the country of the mountains.

The central point of Patan is Durbar Square. Like its counterparts in Kathmandu and Bhaktapur, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Around this esplanade you can discover dozens of charming monuments that will make you fall in love with the city.

Perhaps the best known is the Royal Palace, one of the most visited places in Patan, Nepal. It is, in fact, the oldest royal palace you will find in the entire country. Inside this marvelous complex you will find three inner courtyards, called chowks, each with its own charm and appeal that cannot be missed.

The Sundari Chowk is the best known of the courtyards of the Royal Palace of Patan. Here you will find the famous Royal Bath. It is a stone fountain, dug into the ground like a pool and with a rich decoration that fascinated kings and princes when they washed. You will find rich ornamentation carved in stone, such as the nagas that surround the bathtub. These serpent-shaped creatures linked to water belong to Hindu mythology.

Around Durbar Square in Patan, Nepal, you can also find several temples that are well worth a visit. One of the most striking is the Golden Temple. Its name comes from its roof, of this color, and which has given Patan the nickname of “the city of golden roofs”. As you go inside, you will be surprised to see its guardians: the turtles. Dozens of these animals stroll peacefully in this impressive temple that cannot be missed.

For example, the Temple of Shiva stands out, inside which you will find a formidable collection of wood carvings with representations of the Kama Sutra. On the other hand, the Krishna Temple stands out for being one of the first stone buildings built in the country.

Another interesting temple in Patan that should not be missed is Mahaboudha, which is of the shikara type, a huge tower made of bricks. It is also called the Temple of the thousand Buddhas, since in each of the bricks with which it is built there is an image of Buddha. Contemplating the many original forms in which the Buddha appears on the bricks of the shrine is a real pleasure and an ideal pastime to enjoy in Patan.



In Bhaktapur you will find a charming traditional and picturesque atmosphere in each of its alleys

Bhaktapur, Nepal , is one of the cities that must be seen when visiting the Asian country. Together with Kathmandu and Patan it is part of the Kathmandu Valley as a whole, declared a World Heritage Site.

As you stroll through the streets of Bhaktapur it will seem that time has stopped centuries ago and that life is still simple and charming. Enjoy its monuments, the pleasant treatment of its people and the atmosphere that surrounds everything in this city. Bhaktapur seems like a place made to make the traveler fall in love .

The historic center of Bhaktapur is one of those places that you cannot miss when visiting Nepal because it is perfectly preserved and keeps a traditional essence in each of its corners. This urban area is well delimited by a triangle drawn by the three temples dedicated to Ganesha , the protector god of the city. In the alleys you will find the most picturesque side of the Newari ethnic group , the majority in the city. This town still continues to dress as it did years ago, with colorful regional costumes that will transport you several generations in the past.

In this historic center you can also enjoy Nepalese artisans. Head over to Pottery Square to see the vases, cups and plates that Bhaktapur artisans make every day in the sun. Around you will find dozens of workshops where you can buy some of these souvenirs.

In the same way as Kathmandu or Patan, Bhaktapur also has its own Durbar Square , and as in the two neighboring cities, you will also find the most interesting monuments of the town on this esplanade. The Royal Palace , for example, stands out for its interior courtyards –the so-called chowks- and the Palace of 55 windows, whose facade, as its name indicates, covered with large windows, adorns the square.

In addition to the Royal Palace, the building that dominates the square is the Nyatapola Temple . It is a five-story pagoda whose staircase is guarded by elephants carved in stone. Feel free to stop to admire these masterfully sculpted beasts.

The Vatsala Temple is another must-see in Bhaktapur, Nepal’s Durbar Square. Its stone construction happens to be one of the great works of architecture in the country. In the plinth that serves as the base of the temple is the Taleju bell, the barker. According to tradition, when the bell is rung, all the surrounding dogs begin to bark.

Without leaving Durbar Square you will find two wonders that will make you fall in love with Bhaktapur. On one side is the Golden Gate , decorated with traditional motifs. On the other hand, you will find the Puerta de los Leones , named after the two animals that guard the gate. You will also be able to see the statue of Bhupatindra Maila, an ancient king of Bhaktapur who built many of the city’s monuments and who is to be thanked for the enormous beauty that present-day Bhaktapur enjoys.

  • Stroll through medieval streets and squares
  • Stroll through the old town around Dunbar Square
  • Stay in a monastery
  • Admire traditional wood art and carvings



All action fans watch out for the colorful hillside town offers plenty of material for adventurers. But also the diversity of the subtropical flora that surrounds Pokhara has a magical effect on its admirers.

  • Hike through the forest to the Peace Stupa
  • Try paragliding and look at the picturesque landscapes from a bird’s eye view
  • Experience a rafting adventure through mighty waters
  • Schipper comfortably with one of the colorful boats over the water of Lake Phewa



The magnificent city is known as the birthplace of Buddha and has been included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  • Experience the origins of Buddhism
  • Admire beautiful gardens and temples
  • Soak up the peaceful atmosphere



Those who go to Nagarkot, a town of 4,500 souls, will be richly rewarded: breathtaking views of the majestic  Himalayan mountain scenery and the  Kathmandu Valley. It is the perfect place for all those who want to take in the impressive heights of the 8,000m without much physical exertion.

  • Enjoy the wide view from the observation tower
  • See colorful sunrises and sunsets
  • Marvel at the Himalayan mountain panorama


The small town is best known for its beautiful palace that towers out of the hills. It is rumored that Nuwakot is a well-kept secret.

  • Enjoy the picturesque panorama from the tower of the Kalika Temple or the hill of the Malika Temple
  • Experience medieval cultures
  • Watch cop fights
  • Learn more about the worship of the living deities “Kumari”
  • Meet numerous mountain bike fans and motorcycle enthusiasts

Are you curious about Nepal’s cities?

In addition to trekking and its diverse cuisine, Nepal also has beautiful cities to offer. Do you want to experience Nepal up close? Now plan your individual Nepal trip with our local travel experts, tailored exactly to your wishes!

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